What can a portable power station power?


What can a portable power station power?

   Portable power stations can be used to power a variety of electronic devices, including small appliances such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, portable heaters, fans and air compressors. However, the amount of power a portable power station can provide will depend on its size and the type of battery it uses. For example, a small portable power station with lithium-ion batteries can power smartphones and laptops for hours, while a large portable power station with lead-acid batteries can power refrigerators and televisions for hours. When purchasing a portable power station, it is significant to consider the power you need and the type of your equipment.This will help you choose the size of a portable power station and the battery type suitable for your needs.    

                                          portable power station                     

High-power and high-performance for emergency power supply/resue/outdoor entertainment/disater backup power/party carnival, rmance for emergency power supply/resue/outdoor entertainment/disater backup power/party carnival.

Car Portable charging mode
You can also charge your portable power station through a car lighter socket. You should only charge your power pack while driving, otherwise your starting battery will go flat. A small power pack takes only 3-4 hours to fully charge, but for large power packs, this method is not very effective and can take 9-11 hours to fully charge.

For example, the parameters of portable power station-1800W AU presented in the above picture are as follow. Moreover, this product is the portable energy storage, suitable for home emergency backup, outdoor travel, emergency disaster relief, field work and other applications. The product has AC, USB(QC3.0, Type-C:PD100W), DC(cigarette lighter:12.8V/8A) different ports of voltage output, bulit-in 3W LED lighting and SOS alarm function, and support up to 15W wireless charging functiobn; The system has built-in 24V 26A system charging, It also can be equipped with DC photovoltaic.

Portable Power Station -1800W AU

Basic Characteristics   Rated Power 1800W(Peak 3600W)
 Battery Type 3.65V/Total13,000mAh Lithium battery (21700)
 Capacity 1306.8Wh
Charging Characteristics  Charge Methods  AC Wall Outlet,
Car adaptor,
MC4 charging cable Solar Panel ( optional )
 Charging ( Wall ) AC220-240V 50/60Hz
 Charging ( Solar Panel ) 11-30V Max.10A 200W DC6530/Anderson
 Charging ( Car Adaptor )
Discharge Characteristics  AC Output ( Pure sine wave ) AC230V ±10V 50Hz*2
 Car Port output 12V Max.8.3A
 DC Output (DC5521)
 USB - A Output 5V,2.4A*2 Max.12w
 USB - A Output QC3.0/18W 5-12V*2
 Type - C Output PD100W
 Type - C Output PD27W
Environmental Requirements  Operation temperature  -10 ~ 40℃
Mechanical Characteristics   Wireless charger Max.15W
 Net Weight ( Kg ) 11.1kg
 Gross Weight ( Kg ) 13.2kg
 Production Dimensions 340*236*205mm
 Color Box Dimensions 413*300*290mm
 UN Carton Dimensions 428*318*313mm
 Materials Plastic housing (ABS+PC+Silicon)
Others Characteristics  Package include 1× AC Power cord
1×1m DC to Car Adapter cable
1×MC4 Adapter cable
1×User Manual
 Lifecycle 1000 cycles≥80%
 Estimated Charging Time ( Wall ) 1.6 Hours
 Estimated Charging Time ( Car ) 13-15 Hours
 Estimated Charging Time ( Solar Pannel ) 6-7 Hours
Input 200W