Zhenxiang Power Portable Power Station


Zhenxiang Power Portable Power Station


  What is portable power station?

  A portable power station is a great way to keep your devices charged and essential medical equipment running during an outage. Since you don't need to use dangerous fuels like kerosene or diesel, you can keep them inside to protect them from extreme weather conditions and keep them in top working order.  

   Backpacking or camping trips used to mean leaving all your electronics behind and escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life for a while. Today, however, smartphones have become a must-have, even in remote corners of the globe. On top of that, it's not common to carry GPS devices, headlights, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, and other items with you on your outdoor adventures because of the level of comfort and convenience they bring. The downside is that we also have to keep these devices charged while on the go, although thanks to improvements in battery technology, this is easier than ever.

   Are you looking for the best portable power stations? Are you wondering what to look for in a quality product? A lot of people like you are struggling with this too. With so many makes and models of power stations on the market today, choosing can be daunting right now. How do you find the best ones for camping? How do you choose the right candidate for the job? If you don't know what to look for, chances are you won't choose the right product.

                                 Zhenxiang Power Portable Power Station| 350W AU                                                                           Zhenxiang Power Portable Power Station| 1800W AU

High-power and high-performance for emergency power supply/resue/outdoor entertainment/disater backup power/party carnival, rmance for emergency power supply/resue/outdoor entertainment/disater backup power/party carnival.

 Various specifications are available: 350W, 600W, 1000W, 1800W.

Australian standard, American standard and European standard are available in three specifications.
   Producti description: this product is the portable energy storage, suitable for home emergency backup, outdoor travel, emergency disaster relief, field work and other applications. The product has AC, USB(QC3.0, Type-C:PD100W), DC(cigarette lighter:12.8V/8A) different ports of voltage output, bulit-in 3W LED lighting and SOS alarm function, and support up to 15W wireless charging functiobn; The system has built-in 24V 26A system charging, It also can be equipped with DC photovoltaic.

 For example, parameters of portable power station 350 AU are as follow.

Portable Power Station 350W AU


 portable power station350W AU



Basic Characteristics

Rated Power

350W(Peak 700W)

Battery Type

3.65V/Total13,000mAh Lithium battery (18650)



Charging Characteristics

Charge Methods

 AC Wall Outlet,
Car adaptor,
MC4 charging cable Solar Panel ( optional )

Charging ( Wall )

AC220-240V 50/60Hz

Charging ( Solar Panel )

11-30V Max.10A 100W DC6530

Charging ( Car Adaptor )

Discharge Characteristics

AC Output ( Pure sine wave )

AC230V ±10V 50Hz

Car Port output

12V Max.8.3A

DC Output (DC5521)

USB - A Output

QC3.0/18W 5-12V*2

Type - C Output


Environmental equirements

Operation temperature

 -10 ~ 40

Mechanical Characteristics

Wireless charger


Net Weight ( Kg )


Gross Weight ( Kg )


Production Dimensions


Color Box Dimensions



Plastic housing (ABS+PC+Silicon)

Others Characteristics

Package include

1× AC Power cord

1×1m DC to Car Adapter cable

1×MC4 Adapter cable

1×User Manual

Life cycle

1000 cycles80%

Estimated Charging Time ( Wall )

1.6 Hours

Estimated Charging Time ( Car )

3-4 Hours

Estimated Charging Time ( Solar Pannel )

3-4 Hours

Input 100W